Jan 102008

Happy New Year. Just returned from Christmas holidays in India (some green anecdotes on that trip to follow soon along with some pics) to see the great new Innocent Drinks TV ads featuring Carlos from the Rainforest Alliance! As always, no one beats Innocent in their straightforward, humble and engaging sustainability language. It’s a model multinationals are falling over themselves to replicate. But as Jonathan Greenblatt, founder of ethical water brand Ethos Water said when we spoke on a panel together in Boston a few weeks ago, the big challenge is to be truly authentic, which doesn’t always sit easily with multinational corporate culture. Cheap copies of brands founded on sustainability don’t really work, because unless the core values are there to underpin a marketing strategy, people see through it. I’ve been lucky to get to know the founders of Innocent a bit through their commitment to the Rainforest Alliance, and they are proof that the most successful entrepreneurs of the 21st century will be those who apply their personal values to their business practices, day in, day out. They’re good fun to have a drink with too, as I discovered after the Rainforest Alliance Gala in New York last May. Take a second to sit back and enjoy the new ad.

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