Jan 312008

Watched <a href=" http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/panorama/7200749.stm” target=”_blank”>BBC Panorama for the first time in ages this week. Fascinating programme fronted by Alex James, best known as bassist with Britpop sensation Blur, who made headlines recently by revealing his former cocaine habit had cost him around a million pounds.In the film James travelled to Colombia to expose the terrifying social and environmental cost of the growing European cocaine market for middle class kids, fuelled by rich and famous celebs snorting it on camera at every opportunity. If you ever thought taking the white stuff was glamorous, watch this film. From contract killings to the destruction of rich natural habitat, the whole industry is ruining lives across Colombia, not to mention the lives and relationships destroyed by over-indulgence here. It’s horrible to think of all these ‘eco-celebrities’ stuffing this vile stuff up their noses whilst fronting campaigns about saving the planet. And apart from the murders, wanton destruction of forests and general social misery it causes, do watch the scene when they show you how they make the drug. The bit when they add kerosene and then sulphuric acid is particularly good. Alex James is now a country farmer, and hasn’t touched a line of coke for a long time. He looks good on it too. When the film ended, I thanked my lucky stars that cocaine was one bad habit I’d been spared. And that for all the talk about the PR industry being full of coke-heads, I have yet to meet one.

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