Apr 092008

Loved this story in the Guardian about how a new condom making venture could help keep the Brazilian rainforest standing, as it were. Yet another example of the growing efforts to show forests can be worth more left standing than cut down. More serious is this piece about the perils of planting fake activists in campaign groups to try to undermine them. I’m no fan of BAA (having again experienced their ‘customer service’ at a hopelessly chaotic London Heathrow on Sunday evening), but I’m relieved to see they weren’t behind this foolhardy strategy. It’s extraordinary that people think this kind of covert operation can still work without the risk, dare I say it, of exposure. It turns out the campaigners were a bit smarter than the mole on this one. Sad to think the chap involved couldn’t find a better use for his Oxford degree. Lastly, this video clip is a good reminder about the perils of not adapting our transport systems to a fast growing population. If you thought the London tube system was bad, take a look! And then imagine our planet in 2050…

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