Oct 092008

I have no excuse other than time pressures for the severe lack of blogging in the past few months! Countless times I was on the verge of writing an entry, only to be distracted by a more urgent task, or the realisation that I would do either myself or a client no favours in broadcasting the details of some pretty interesting stuff I’ve been involved with of late. As John Ashton, the UK’s Special Representative for Climate Change told me when I started this blog, the challenge would be to find ‘meaning’. I’m not convinced that blogging is the best avenue in that quest (and I suspect John isn’t either) – to be frank I’m worried what I put up here will either be bland and uninteresting, or get me into a lot of trouble for broadcasting pretty fascinating client and NGO engagements which should remain private. Partly because sensitive issues are best dealt with behind the scenes, and partly because of the need to secure my future employment in this unstable world.So, what can I say? Well, let me start by welcoming the arrival of a superb new colleague to the Planet 2050 team, Helen Ireland. Helen has years of experience in the CSR and sustainability world, including 5 years at the Soil Association and 3 as head of corporate affairs for Café Direct the UK’s leading fair trade drinks brand. Helen joined a few weeks ago and is already impressing clients, making us laugh and giving our busy team a much needed capacity boost. In fact, without Helen I’m not sure I’d have the time to write this. We’re delighted to have her on board.I’ve also had a slight professional readjustment – after 4 years of advising the Rainforest Alliance and helping them build their profile in the UK, they’ve asked me to join their Board of Directors. It’s an incredible honour and I hope I can live up to it! I’m very much looking forward to it. Especially now that my friend Charlie Watson is off to Guatemala, to work for the Rainforest Alliance as a communications associate – his first full time job since graduating last year. I am so excited for him. Apart from being an all round ecofriendly good guy, Charlie is also a very talented environmental photographer. He’s got a very nice new website, which can be found here Enjoy browsing photos from his travels around Latin America. He says the site is still under development, but it looks pretty good to me.Our client Fujitsu Siemens Computers has a great new project – transporting computers from China to Europe. Yes, that’s not new. Difference is, they’re doing it by train. Track the journey and read more about it here.Lastly, we’re pleased to be sponsoring the Green Awards again this year. Check out the nominees here I mustn’t over exert myself on my first blog post in 4 months. But I’ll be back soon. Honest

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