Jan 232009

This caught my eye in the World Business Council on Sustainable Development weekly update. As doom mongers predict that enthusiasm for all things green will slowly wither away due to the recession, a recent report by the Boston Consulting Group finds directly the opposite.In 2008, a year of economic downturn and the supposed tightening of consumer purse strings, it finds that more green products were bought than the year before. 35% of the 9000 candidates interviewed (from East Asia, Europe and North America) systematically searched for green products when shopping and a quarter said that the higher prices attached were acceptable because green products were perceived as being of higher quality, with not only environmental but economic and health benefits.Of course, one of the major arguments by critics of the CSR and sustainability movement has been that consumers would only be willing to purchase green products when in a period of economic prosperity. Apparently not. Companies are increasingly realising that CSR can mean savings across the board.We will see what happens but for now, if you aren’t already buying your green cleaning products or your energy light saving lightbulbs you should definitely start. Recession or not!

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