Jan 202009

An important week for oceans as my friend Charles Clover’s long awaited film, The End of the Line, premieres at the Sundance Festival. This promises to be a sort of ‘Inconvenient Truth’ about the disaster unfolding in our seas through years of rampant over-fishing and regulatory failure. The film is based on Charles’s award-winning book of the same name, a project in which I was involved some years ago when I was running the Marine Stewardship Council. A literary agent had read about our work in the Independent, and rang me to ask whether I thought there might a book idea in the topic of global overfishing, and did I know anyone who should write it.Knowing Charles had been investigating the subject for years, and that he was the first environmental reporter to make it front page news, it had to be him. Charles and I had often discussed the need for a book to raise awareness of the criminal theft of the world’s only naturally renewable food source. At last, here was his chance. After months of graft, the result was a superb, award-winning tour de force which has now been translated into countless languages. This film documentary version comes complete with a website, awareness campaign, and the endorsement of some of the leading organisations in the sustainable seafood movement. Check out the trailer here. Most importantly, make sure you see the film. Knowing Charles, he will pull no punches. Apart from being a brilliant investigative journalist, he also cares deeply about the cause of saving wild seafood, a protein lifeline for millions of people around the world. It’s an unbeatable combination.

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