Jun 022009

To the premiere of Charles Clover’s brilliant film The End of the Line last night at the IMAX cinema at the Science Museum. Sponsored by Waitrose, a leader on seafood sustainability by any standard, boosted by my friends at Greenpeace UK, and graced by the superb @stephenfry, it was a perfect green evening. The film opens across the UK next week and is a MUST see for anyone who cares about the planet’s future. Wonderful imagery, scary science, disgraceful practices exposed (notably in NOBU restaurant) and best of all, solutions offered at the end – something many doom mongers forget to do. Have seldom seen @stephenfry twitter so enthusiastically about something like this, and judging by the reaction of the audience, this could be the biggest green film since An Inconvenient Truth. Delighted for Charles all those years after we collaborated on the book project that has now become this wonderful movie. Please see it if you can.