Jun 302011
Yesterday I thought it would be fun to compile a list of 100 sustainability/culturally oriented things everyone should try and do or experience before they die. I sent a message to my trusty Twitter community and sure enough, the suggestions have started to roll in. I’ll compile ten every few days, time permitting and add some of my own sporadically. 

I’m not doing this for any reason other than I thought it would be good to inspire each other to experience the great things some people enjoy, as well as taking some collective actions that drive the green and ethical agenda forward. As you’ll see, there are a huge variety of things that give people pleasure. 

Here’s what people have sent in so far, in no order of preference. Please tweet your suggestions to me at @bmay or as comments below this post. Enjoy (and don’t forget to do some of them even if you have plenty of time left..)

  1. Learn to grow your favourite vegetables 
  2. Find the word in every human language there is or has ever been for ‘respect’
  3. Adopt a pet or two from a shelter (or pay to foster some in a shelter)
  4. Be your own boss
  5. Read Catch-22 (several times)
  6. See Petra at sunset
  7. Sleep in a tent in the pouring rain with someone you love
  8. Write 100 letters to supermarkets demanding they only sell responsible products and get your friends to do the same
  9. See whales in the wild
  10. Listen to Rachmaninov’s second symphony
Of these, I’ve only done five. Must do better.. 

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