Jul 042011
We’re at the halfway mark already! Here are your suggestions 41-50 of 100 things to do before you die. Thanks for the great response so far…

41. Learn to juggle
42. Experience the Aurora Borealis
43. Learn Italian
44. Take a belly dancing class
45. Write a novel
46. Sell your car
47. Watch all twelve episodes of Fawlty Towers
48. See the Kirov Ballet in St Petersburg
49. Visit Robben Island, South Africa
50. Learn a musical instrument

And, as usual – my tally. I’ve done two and a fifth of these (meaning I’ve written a couple of chapters of a novel…) Only another 50 go go! Keep them coming… 
Jul 042011
Here are the next group of suggestions from fellow Tweeters…

31.Visit the Pyramids of Giza
32. Join the Liverpool supporters singing You’ll Never Walk Alone at Anfield 
33. Swim with dolphins in the Galapagos Islands
34. Walk the Great Wall of China
35. Visit one of the world’s great waterfalls
36. Visit the salt flats in Bolivia
37. Live with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon 
38. Go to the opera in Sydney
39. See the Taj Mahal 
40. Have dinner with Daniel Barenboim 

Only done three of these – poor! 
Jul 032011
They’re coming in thick and fast. This latest batch takes us up to number 30… 

21. See tigers in the wild
22. Visit the Maldives before they go
23. See orangutans in Borneo (before they go too)
24. See polar bears in Manitoba (you’ve guessed it – before they go)
25. Drive across the United States
26. Visit Antarctica 
27. See stars in the Gobi Desert
28. Climb to 20,000 feet
29. Listen to Kind of Blue by Miles Davis 
30. See The Tempest in Stratford-on-Avon

I’ve done just two of these so far. Keep tweeting in your suggestions. 
Jul 012011
So, as promised, here are the next bundle of suggestions from people around the world (or around the Twitterverse at any rate):

11. Put your entire career on the line to expose corporate irresponsibility (not mine, but I very much sympathise..!) 

12. Learn to scuba dive

13. Encourage a child

14. Always remember to turn the lights off

15. Walk in an old forest alone big enough that you can’t hear the traffic and for you to walk all day without reaching the edge. Dare to go off the path

16. Spend three days living in a rainforest

17. Take one of the world’s great train journeys

18. Donate 10% of a year’s income to conservation charities

19. Go on a safari

20. Visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC

In this group, I’ve done seven so far, a better score than for the previous ten. Keep them coming – only 80 to go…